Vacancy: Event Coordinator

One of our partners is interested in engaging the services of an event coordinator to manage their events. The coordinator should be able to handle all aspects of hosting an event, including:
– Planning of the event.
– Preparation and execution of a marketing plan.
– Liaising with sponsors, adjudicators, service providers and special guests.
– Communicating effectively to all event stakeholders.
– Engaging various media platforms for event publicity.
– Preparing, managing and monitoring the event budget.
– Coordination of the event on the day.
– Post-event management, including evaluation.

Should you be interested, please contact Farai Mutambanengwe ( Kindly include with your response
a detailed profile/CV highlighting your experience in event management, as well as your professional charges/
remuneration basis.

2 thoughts on “Vacancy: Event Coordinator

    1. Dear Tafadzwa

      Please contact our partner for further details on the nature of the opening as we do not have access to that information at the moment.

      Best of luck in your job hunt. Let us know if we can assist you further.

      – JAZ

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